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Costume Quiz

Answer the below questions very carefully as this could change your life forever!

You are

If you were a tree, you would be a
Oak - Strong, Stable, Traditional, Respected
Apple - Providing sweet fruit with low branches to climb
Palm - Most comfortable in warm, relaxed, sunny places
Crabtree - Always changing - sometimes lovely, sometimes not
Weeping Willow - Vast and Poetic. Not always understood

When you sneeze
You produce seismic activity
You muffle your sneeze to the best of your ability
Nothing out of the ordinary happens
People wonder what just happened
Others run for shelter

You go to a party where you know no one. How do you behave?
You quietly enter, stand on one side, and hope that someone speaks to you.
You wear something that will capture attention, make an entrance, and immediately join a group in conversation.
You see an opportunity. You have plenty of contact cards and make it a point to meet three new people.
You leave immediately.
You evaluate the party guests and then approach someone that appears to be alone. You pretend that you "know them from somewhere" and strike up conversation.

If you were a drink, you would be a
A hot cup of coffee
A dirty martini
Anything caffeinated
An expensive French wine
Clean, pure, refreshing water

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